David Bowie Is...

Museum Exhibition Concept

student work

David Bowie Is... is a museum retrospective of one man's incredible career.

Since Bowie's career is so diverse, it is difficult to represent him in simply one facet, which is why the concept of layers and only seeing parts of a whole was used to represent him instead as multi-faceted.

The photo from his Heroes album cover was primarily used as it was one of his earliest success stories, and was also re-imagined as the artwork for his latest release, The Next Day, bringing his career full circle.  The Heroes cover also presents Bowie not as one of his famous personas, but more as himself.

The logo brings is his famous alter egos with the circle representing Ziggy Stardust and the bolt Aladdin Sane.  The text hints towards his unique eyes with one side being bigger and bolder than the other.

Finally, the brochure was printed on velum paper to create depth and transparency, and to represent Bowie's many layers in his career and how they've all worked together to shape what he is recognized for today.